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Electromyograph with real-time results

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What is it for?

mDurance brings together the highest technology to serve physiotherapy and sports

Created in 2017 with the aim of streamlining clinical decision-making and based on Big Data technology and neuro-muscular signal processing, this tool enhances your assessments and takes them to the next level.

Assess motor control

Measure muscle activity, detect imbalances, and choose the most appropriate treatment.

Strengthen muscles and improve coordination

mDurance’s biofeedback helps you train the brain and muscles of your clients.

Personalize your treatments

Measuring muscle activity helps you better guide the therapies you can apply with your patients.

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Real results

Discover how it works

mDurance guides you throughout the assessment process of your clients, saving you time during their treatments.


Improve results

Discover how we can help increase your clients' confidence. Take care of your patients' neuromuscular health with mDurance.

Exercise selector

Measure muscle imbalances

Video feedback: your own YouTube tutorial

Basal tone classifier

Muscle fatigue detector

Generate professional reports

  1. Increase muscle control and integration in their body schema

    Increase control over your patient's muscles

  2. Improve muscle coordination in functional tasks

    Reeducate muscle synergies

  3. Achieve maximum muscle activity

    Set clear goals to start treating your patients
    Obtain muscle activity metrics to start treating your patients

  4. Provide real-time biofeedback

    Provide real-time feedback

  5. Accelerate muscle recovery

    Improve neuroefficiency

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What they say about us

Here are some of the clients who are already using mDurance to provide the best solutions to their clients.

Carlos del Barrio Physiotherapist for Atlético de Madrid

I always say that you can't improve what you can't measure. This tool makes it easy to bring something as complex as electromyography into daily clinical practice.

Romualdo Castillo Professor at the University of Osuna

mDurance allows you to truly understand the recovery process of your patients. It is a fundamental and almost obligatory tool for any physiotherapy clinic.

Maximme Gaspar Ftp. Claire Fontaine Medical Center

We have been using mDurance at the FIFA Medical Center in Claire-Fontaine for some time now, and I have to say that it has truly changed the way we approach players.

Research supports us

Many universities already trust mDurance for their developments and research.


mDurance in numbers

+350 clients
+80.000 tests performed
+10.000 patients
25 countries

+350 Clients

Clients already using mDurance

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