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By measuring deficits and excess activation, you will know whether you should increase or reduce the activity of the muscles involved.

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Excess of Basal Tone

Detects muscles that are unable to relax under usual resting conditions and that sometimes are responsible for your patients’ pain or range of motion limitations.

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Deficit and excess activation

With mDurance, you know which muscles need more activation (muscles with deficits) and which need to participate less (muscles with excess) to achieve successful rehabilitation.

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Muscle Synergies

Pain is one of the main causes of neuromuscular pattern alterations. Check how muscles coordinate in amplitude and timing with each other during exercises with your patients.

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Detect differences in muscle activation between the left and right sides of your patients to identify asymmetries that may be risk factors associated with rehabilitation.

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Exercise Optimizer

Maximize your sessions by knowing which exercises, modifications, and loads you need for the best muscle activation and synergy ratios. Check if the muscles have received sufficient stimulus to develop greater strength.

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Use mDurance’s resources to improve communication with your patients and colleagues. You will increase your patients’ confidence, have their sessions recorded on video, remember exercises and corrections, all in your mDurance account.

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Muscular Analytics

Classify neuromuscular function into objective characteristics to make better decisions and accelerate, improve, and complete your patient’s recovery. You will receive a report to know the starting point and use it as a reference for analyzing their progress.

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Create videos with your clients’ muscle activity to remember all the details using mDurance from your smartphone. Share it with your clients using the sharing function.

Use the video function of the mDurance app to capture all your patient’s movements along with muscle activity on your mobile or tablet.

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