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Muscle Synergies

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Analyzing muscle synergies

Specific Benefits

Reduces the risk Corrects the underlying causes of chronic or recurring injuries
Restores function Evaluating and improving muscle synergy is crucial to ensure complete recovery
Personalized treatment Design personalized treatment plans based on precise and specific muscle activity data
Synergy guide With mDurance's guide, you will understand expected movements and synergies, improving your assessment quality

What Is Muscle Synergy?

What Is Muscle Synergy?

Muscle synergy refers to the coordination and collaboration of multiple muscles to perform a movement.

In muscle synergy, muscles work together to generate movement, stabilize the body, or both. This concept is fundamental in biomechanics and exercise physiology, as human movements are rarely the result of the action of a single muscle.

What Does It Mean If Your Patient Has an Alteration in Synergy?

This phenomenon can be associated with various functional abnormalities, including:

  • Pain and injuries.
  • Joint instability.
  • Movement dysfunction.
  • Premature fatigue.
  • Decreased sports performance.
  • Postural issues.

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